My publications

Scientific publications

I’m an author on several scientific publications, including peer-reviewed journal papers, conference papers, and magazine articles. See my scientific publications here.

Magazine articles and short fiction

“The Objective Man,” God and Nature Magazine, Winter 2020.

“Black Holes and Atheism,” God and Nature Magazine, Summer 2019.

“Watson’s Demon,” Astounding Frontiers #1, July, 2017.


I’m a contributing author to The Story of the Cosmos: How the Heavens Declare the Glory of God, edited by Daniel Ray and Paul Gould.

(An Astrophysicist Explains) How Science Can Save Your Faith. This book will deal with the most common scientific arguments used against Christianity. It shows how the Bible not only stands up to rational scrutiny, but is fully compatible with modern science. (Fall 2020.)

Genesis and the Dark Universe. This book explores the relationship between the physics of dark matter and dark energy, philosophy, and Christian theology. (Summer 2021.)

Course curricula

I created a comprehensive Astronomy & Astrophysics course curriculum, suitable for homeschooling, upper division high school, or introductory university courses. Includes a lab component and a biblical supplement.

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